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WRIGHT WATER CORPORATION has a combined 64 experience in water and wastewater operations, services, and sales.


WRIGHT WATER CORPORATION was established in 2005 for the purpose of purchasing a Culligan franchise. The franchise purchased in Chickasha, Oklahoma began in 1946. After being in business for several years as a local Culligan dealer, we listened to our customers who were also plant managers, facility workers, and city managers living in the 15 communities that we served. We learned that they desired to work with a local company to help operate or service their facilities. These customers wanted a company that understood their community from a local level, not a big corporation that made decisions from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. It was at this time that we decided to start seeking operating contracts and service agreements with local industrial facilities and municipalities.

At Wright Water, we understand the integrity, and hardworking ethics of
local communities where these individuals, facilities, and municipalities operate.


Wright Water Corporation  helps operate or has service agreements with several manufacturers, bottlers, refineries, and 9 municipalities in Oklahoma, and is currently working with 3 more Oklahoma municipalities to implement safe drinking water for their communities. We have also been fortunate to work with facilities nationwide  and in South America while maintaining the same feel and care of a local business.

The Wright Water Corporation consists of Culligan Water, American Water Solutions (a chemical provider), and Wright Water Industrial.  What makes us unique is we don't only want to be a client, we want to be a part of your community.  Our consultative approach begins with a Wright Water professional working with you to identify your specific water quality needs.  By understanding these needs we can customize a system that gives you everything you require and nothing you don't - saving you money and helping you increase your return on investment on your assets. 

At Wright Water, we take pride in working with our customers
so we can provide comprehensive solutions to their water and wastewater needs.


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